Afterlife in Tulum

Afterlife evokes a sense of dark romanticism. It’s as apparent in the quality of its shows as it is in the integrity of its artists and their productions. The sweeping strings. The minor chords. The trembling bass lines like the backbone of a colossus, each vertebrae getting thicker as more dimensions are added to the track. These artists create fullness out of simplicity.

And they do all of it without words. The music speaks for itself. Artists associated with Afterlife—as well as labels like Life and Death, Dystopian, Innervisions, and CLR—are advancing techno into the storytelling echelon of classical and jazz. Producers like Recondite, Mind Against, Vaal, Patrice Baumel, and Tale of Us have become storytellers in their own right, shaping journeys of thought and emotion. It’s so much more than just dance music now. It’s as spiritual as it is recreational. These producers tap into something that feels much older, but in the most cutting edge ways.

In its continued evolution of combining the new and the old, Afterlife is making its debut in Mexico with what is shaping up to be one of the most dynamic, memorable nights of the year. This Monday, January 9th, Afterlife brings some of techno’s greatest minds to Tulum. The setting: a cenote. Techno in the caves. Tale of Us are joined by Recondite, Mind Against, Vaal, Patrice Baumel, Acid Pauli, Gerd Janson, Kettenkarussell, Konstanin, and Leafar Legov, a collection of the darkest, most thought-provoking music Central America will have seen in a long time.


Find out all you need to know about this historic night here.

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