Tale of Us Time Warp

When I think of Tale of Us, I think of techno Renaissance.

That’s not to say that techno needs revival. Artists like Dixon and Stephan Bodzin are archetypes of the consistent progress good music has made—and the good music that has been made—over the last decade.

But there’s something about Tale of Us that’s so unique. So alluring. It’s a narrative. A narrative that spans the entire spectrum of their work in music, from production to DJ set to imagery, with a sense of romanticism. Unlike any other artist, their music tells stories without saying anything.

Their latest tale: Time Warp. A two-hour romantic techno journey evoking the darkest and most mysterious emotions, spurred on with tracks by the likes of Alex Smoke and Recondite . It’s taken me a month of listening to this set to understand how to describe it as concisely as possible. It is the harbinger of a new techno Renaissance.

Many thanks to Mixmag for capturing the night. Photography by Christian Lamb.

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