Relive Rufus Du Sol

Ever since our first time covering them back in November, Rufus Du Sol has had a blazing presence on our radar as a beautiful live act and an inspiring group of artists pushing the boundaries between electronic music and live instrumentation. Their “All Things Bloom” mix is a powerful example of the bands ability to blend element of dance—even elements of techno, amazingly—with the visceral feeling of synths and live instruments.

Naturally, the opportunity to shoot their show at Webster Hall last Friday was welcomed. There’s something just so photogenic about the guys. I’m a firm believer that three is the magic number for most dynamics; Tyrone and the boys exemplify this. With the creative eye of DanceDeep’s Louis Kang, we were able to capture a few moments from that beautiful night.

Many thanks to Louis, Webster Hall, and Team Leisurely for making this night possible.

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