Long Live The King

What solidifies Eric Prydz as one of the greatest legends of electronic music—aside from his drive, prolificness, and ingenuity—is his ability to bridge the big and the small. Everything that Prydz creates, spanning the personal and live music spectrum, has an epic nature. Yet, he’s one of the few producers in the world that is able to adapt to the stadium and the underground so well, all without any change in the integrity of his music. This month is a testament to how well the king reigns.

The long-awaited Opus, Pryd’z debut artist album, released on Friday. Like Eric Prydz Presents: Pryda, it’s a masterpiece. The soundtrack of our weekend, our year, and many more years to come. As we enter our second week of February, an even longer-awaited weekend of live performance approaches: EPIC 4.0.

New York is bracing itself for, literally and metaphorically, the most epic weekend of live music of the year. An unprecedented three consecutive nights of EPIC 4.0 at Terminal 5. Two nights of afterparties, most notably the debut New York appearance of Cirez D at the brand new Flash Factory. Five Eric Prydz performances in one weekend, encompassing the spectrum of light and dark from progressive house to techno. Ending Sunday night with another Swedish legend, Adam Beyer, at Awakenings, this weekend will go down in history.

EPIC 4.0

To find out more about EPIC 4.0 in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, as well as Opus, check in with the king.

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