Thomas Jack at Terminal 5

As much as I love techno and progressive house—generally gravitating towards the deepest and darkest of electronic music—one exception, like a lighthouse amongst stormy seas, breaks the mold. That exception is Thomas Jack.

Thomas Jack is one of my favorite DJs and producers not only for his music, but for what he represents. The chill. The affability. The productive drive at a young age. The Australianisms. These are all characteristics that have made him stand out as unique in our world of music; his sense of how to control an atmosphere, whether it’s with tropical house or any other uplifting style of music, creates unforgettable experiences. Take his Do Lab set at Coachella this year, one of the most memorable sets from their entire festival and a true testament to the creation of positive vibes that so closely reflect the positivity in a place like California.

I’m happy to say that TJ’s finally bringing the vibes to New York for his sold out show at Terminal 5 on Saturday and afterparty at the soon-to-be-closing Pacha. As winter starts falling upon us in this great city, this show will be a refreshing reminder of what it’s like to be back at the beach or, better yet, back under the folds of the Do Lab tent at Coachella.

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We last saw Thomas at Electric Zoo in early September. Seeing the progression he’s made in his DJing and production since Coachella has been a testament to the power that house and the deeper genres of electronic music have made on him. Thomas was heavily influenced by Dixon after seeing him play a seven-hour set, an experience that many of us New Yorkers and Brooklyners can empathize with after this techno-packed season. House and techno have as strong a presence as ever in New York, and Thomas Jack is in a prime position to prove his staying power with a style maturing towards house music.

Photography by Get Tiny and Jake West.

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