Universal Solution Anjunadeep 77

I like listening to music offline. I’ll always have at least one mix downloaded on my iPhone, almost always on the podcast app. And nine times out of ten that podcast is Anjunadeep. As of today, the one Anjunadeep mix I’ve had on my phone the longest without removing it is Universal Solution’s 77.

It’s the best Anjunadeep mix I’ve ever experienced.

What sets it apart from the other mixes is its diversity. To start off so uplifting with progressive house by Grum and tunnel to the core of a deep rave fueled by the passionate energy of tech house over the course of sixty minutes is an exemplar showcase of Universal Solution’s musical knowledge. What really defines this mix is the final fifteen minutes, a rumbling journey into the catacombs of tech and deep house. From the 51:00 mark onward, we’re taken deeper and deeper into Quivver’s rich world of all-encompassing sound.

Keep up with Universal Solution here.

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