Jamie xx – Gosh

Only a handful of tracks this year have intrigued me as much as Jamie xx‘s “Gosh.” And even fewer tracks in this selection—joining the ranks of Eric Prydz’ remix of “Tether“—have been accompanied by an equally intriguing music video that blend the implementation of technology with awe-inspiring graphics. The visual accompaniment to “Gosh,” directed by Erik Wernquist, is a far cry from the track’s theme of underground music in the UK, yet it fits so well:

For me, “Gosh” evokes a feeling of togetherness. Togetherness in a way much different than any similar approach one would find in an electro house or trance anthem. “Gosh” is the soundtrack to a UK warehouse rave. Hundreds of ravers under one roof together. The deep bass and 4-bar loops keep the feet steadily moving, while the vocals sampled from DJ Ron and MC Strings instill a sense of appreciation for how groundbreaking the UK’s early rave scene was.

This is the track that has me hooked on Jamie xx, and it is now DanceDeep’s first featured track.

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