Awaiting Oregon Eclipse

The Moon’s orbit is inclined by just more than five degrees relative to the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. If, by some celestial serendipity, the Moon’s orbit declined by five degrees, it would totally eclipse the sun every month. Those five degrees—while still small enough to cast a shadow that doesn’t miss the Earth entirely—make a total solar eclipse a spectacle you might only witness once in your lifetime.

On August 21st, the narrow path of the Moon’s complete shadow, known as the umbra, will completely cross the continental United States for the first time in a century. And for the first time in your life, you’ll have the opportunity to experience this at one of the most compelling gatherings in the world: Oregon Eclipse.

Oregon Eclipse is an international gathering of art, music, and education—the symbiotic brainchild of some of the most creative gathering and festival creators in the world. Symbiosis Gathering, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Bass Coast Festival, Envision Festival, Hadra Trance Festival, Global Eclipse Gathering, Noisily Festival of Music and Arts, Festival Ometeotl, Origin Festival, Re:birth Festival, SONIC BLOOM, and Universo Paralello Festival have all come together to collaborate on this once-in-a-lifetime week-long event in Big Summit Prairie, Oregon.

What sets Oregon Eclipse apart from any other events this year—aside from, naturally, the celestial event namesake—is the symbiosis of all the creative minds that have come together to make this possible. To see these gatherings and festivals from such diverse parts of the world intersect in one of the most beautiful parts of the United States is a sign of the strength of the global music and arts community. And, while music is not the sole focus of this gathering, the diversity and integrity of the artists playing across all of Oregon Eclipse’s seven stages is astonishing. The lineup at one of our most anticipated stages, Sky Stage, is just a reflection of the good that is to come:

Symbiosis Gathering, the host organizer of Oregon Eclipse, is one of our most highly regarded gatherings. Our experience at Symbiosis last year was like none other. We have equally high expectations for the quality, integrity, and intimacy of Oregon Eclipse. August 17th through 23rd is shaping up to be one of the most memorable weeks Oregon, as well as the rest of the world, has ever experienced.

You can learn more about Oregon Eclipse, as well as purchase tickets for this incredible gathering, on their official site. Keep your finger on the pulse of more nuanced community activity on the event page.

Photography by Jacob Avanzato.

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