The BPM Festival Revealed

The tenth anniversary of The BPM Festival is just over two weeks away. You’re ready. You’ve been ready for months. The last two weeks of this especially cold winter, whether it’s in New York, Berlin, or beyond, have made the anticipation practically unbearable. But you’re reassured by your knowing that, only a few short days into the new year, you’ll have your feet in the Caribbean Sea and your ears filled with melody from the best house and techno in the world.

Now that this year’s full lineup has been revealed, we’re ready to reveal to you our insight on how to make the most of your BPM Festival experience. The thought of navigating through 460 artists over 80 different parties can be daunting. The perception of feeling so connected through social media, so cognizant of the pulse of what’s happening in dance music, can be just as isolating as it is unifying. It’s easy to feel like you’re missing out when you know, now more than ever, how much is out there. So here’s our first piece of advice.

Relax. You’re in Mexico. The temptation to hit up every single party can be strong—especially with how conditioned so many of us have become to constant notifications and affirmations—so remember not to spread yourself too thin. It’s beautiful here. Put your phone away when you can. Spend more time talking, person to person, and let serendipity guide you.


Try going off the beaten path to find good food. You’ll be tempted to Yelp and Google Map every restaurant to death, spending more time cross referencing reviews than actually enjoying your meal. Ask for advice in person. Talk to locals. We’ve become so used to relying on what other people have to say online that often we overlook the people right in front of us.

Go with the flow. You don’t need us to tell you this—the memories might be some of the strongest you have—but remember that some of the best nights (and days) come from making a new friend, introducing your groups, and letting this new collective serendipity decide what everyone does next. Have a schedule, but don’t feel like you need to stick to it down to the T. If you still have no idea where to start, we’d recommend hitting up All Day I Dream and Ya’ah Muul to begin. You’re going to meet some amazing people.

For those who need them, you can get your tickets to The BPM Festival here. And, without further ado, the tenth anniversary’s full lineup:

BPM Line up full

Photography by aLIVE Coverage.

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