Spotlight Set: Sasha at Brixton Academy (NYE ’13)

Sasha is one of the true electronic music legends, up there with the likes of Carl Cox and John Digweed. He was #1 on the DJ Mag Top DJ list in 2000, and in the top 3 in 1997, 1999, 2001 and 2002. The DJ Mag list has since become a joke (my opinion). However, Sasha has remained a favorite among those who want something a little more than formulaic hooks and drops from their dance music. And that something more is present in abundance in Sasha’s Last Night on Earth NYE 2013 set from Brixton Academy, London.

It’s hard to assign a genre to this mix. It is mostly progressive house, but incorporates a bit of techno and encroaches the blurry borders of progressive trance. The effect, however, is an emotional journey, interrupted only by the countdown to the New Year about 20 mins into the set. To the experienced ear, this set can be a truly spiritual experience.



There’s a video recording of the set as well, for anyone interested, through BE-AT.TV. The tracklist is here (the recording above starts at #6). Also, checkout Sasha’s long-awaited latest release Vapourspace on Beatport or Soundcloud.


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