Feels Like Goldfish

Every once in awhile, a South African live electro band comes around that absolutely blows me away. Actually, come to think of it, this doesn’t happen every once in awhile; it only happens once. That’s what makes Goldfish so unique—Dave and Dom bring a breath of cultural fresh air into the world of electro and house, creating a funky intersection of live instruments and groovy synths. While electro is still as big as ever, I’ve noticed a shift in the last two years of bands and DJ groups incorporating more live instruments into their sets. Perhaps this is in response to criticisms that DJs really aren’t “doing much” on stage; I believe this to be partly true, but this shift towards live instruments has also come about as a result of changing things up and returning to the roots of what  makes music music. Beatmatching with CDJs and a mixer isn’t that hard—ask Mat Zo. That said, there are masters that take the art of DJing to a new level. But the beauty of live instrument performance can’t be replicated; that’s where bands like Goldfish shine.

Goldfish Live

Goldfish’s remix of Lexer’s “Feels Like This” is a poignant example of what makes them unique. Dave and Dom took Belle Humble’s sultry vocals and planted seeds of live instrumentation and funk along its frame, blossoming into a perfect summer groove. If you haven’t heard of Goldfish yet, this is a good introduction:

If you like what you hear, keep up with Dave and Dom here.

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